Welcome to Trackin

We are the first analytics tool and advanced statistics on Linkedin.

We're the #1 Linkedin Tool

Thanks to our algorithm we break the taboo and calculate the economic impact of publications as well as your content strategy.

We have the most advanced and segmented analytics. Make decisions based on the content lines and your community.

We offer you the highest knowledge about your users. Create groups and organize interactions with your brand. Make Rankings thanks to the T.I.S®

We give you the option to manage your editorial calendar.

Plan and schedule your posts based on behavioral data.

Not all interactions are the same

Our Algorithm

Trackin Interaction Score®

We have developed our own algorithm in which we measure each of our Linkedin users. We identify and categorize them to calculate their value and that of their interactions.

Practical cases

Hold contests and reward the highest-scoring employees for interacting with your company.

Identify sales opportunities with the users with the most interaction with your company.

Include ambassadors or people of interest to your brand to analyze its impact with you.

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