Why are brand Ambassadors important?

In their eagerness to reach more followers in a much closer way humanizing the brand, more and more companies are committed to involve their employees in their communication strategy, thus helping to boost and improve digital positioning.

It is a group of employees active in social networks that prescribe and recommend the company’s products and services by bringing the message to the consumer. This group, brand ambassadors, becomes the “digital face” of the company, and helps expand its values ​​abroad.

An advisable way to manage this type of initiative is through a plan of ambassadors to guide employees throughout the process. Employees will be happy to participate, they feel identified with the company and perceive that their actions add a lot of value, and they appreciate receiving guidelines on how to act in the USSR. In the background they are representing the brand abroad, and despite doing so with all the good will of the world, there is always fear of not doing well. Performing a planning of the actions is essential to achieve a greater return of the communication actions proposed.

Why launch an ambassador plan?

If you are considering launching a plan of ambassadors, here are some reasons that will help you make that decision:

  • Because we trust more people than companies (90% vs. 33%).
  • Because when brand messages are spread by workers in a company, they are shared 24 times more frequently.
  • Because a brand ambassador recommends products and defends the interests of the company, but also provides extra visibility and gives the company greater confidence from users, since it is a personal user who makes the recommendation
  • Because an employee active in social networks and satisfied in the company will be happy to help improve brand perception. An Ambassador Plan helps you understand your role and gives you recognition within the company.
  • Because if there is a reputational crisis, ambassadors are the first to defend the company and help reduce the scope of the crisis.
  • Because they are the best prescribers to speak positively about the company and spread its values.
  • Because brand and employees go hand in hand: The company is the sum of the brands of all its employees