What is LinkedIn for?

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world and already has more than 610 million registered members. It is mistakenly thought that LinkedIn only serves to look for work and, despite being an excellent platform for it, the options offered are much broader. Depending on the strategy you want to follow, it will require a specific type of activity that will help you achieve the objective. LinkedIn can help you to:

Position yourself as a professional: Sharing your knowledge with other users, explaining your day to day and the projects in which you are involved, expressing your opinion on current issues in your sector and publishing articles of interest to the community are some of the actions that will help you position yourself as an excellent professional in your sector. Take advantage of the options offered by LinkedIn and give visibility to your expertise.

Source of professional information: LinkedIn is an immense source of information where professionals and experts from different topics share their knowledge, debate and expose their ideas. Take advantage of all this knowledge, join interest groups, follow the most interesting hashtags for your profile and use the filters to find professionals in your field and be able to follow their publications. With a good strategy LinkedIn will become an excellent source of knowledge.

Social Sales: Through good segmentation thanks to filters, LinkedIn allows you to detect your target audience. Listen, read what they share and best detect their needs and problems. Talk to them, publicize your value proposition and present your products and services that provide a solution to their exposed problems.

Networking: As we have seen more than 600 million users already have a personal profile on LinkedIn. Search for quality contacts on the network and comment on their publications, share their articles and recommend their content. If you add value in your conversations you will get a higher acceptance ratio in your invitations and you can increase your network of contacts.

Employee Advocacy: Brands are betting on LinkedIn as a professional network that helps them, not only to give visibility to their products and services, but also to improve their image of the employer brand. There are many companies that seek support from their employees as multipliers of the actions carried out by the brand. Support your company and give visibility to published content. Share your company’s content and add extra value by showing the pride of belonging.

What is your strategy?